Welcome to INFINTRON

Just your average dude hoping to maintain a voice like ours on the Tron network by being a Super Rep.

Eventually we would like to make our tron node 100% green, running it on 100% solar power/battery


Our Hardworking Team

Just your average guy with a dream of being a part of this forever evolving world of crypto, hoping to maintain the voice of the people getting lost in the crowd of exchanges and corporations

Edward DiGirolamo

Chief Nerd

Jessica DiGirolamo

The Boss
HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 75%
PHP 80%
Solodity 30%
JAVA 55%


Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto is confusing enough in terms of tech, but adding in monetary value and no physical thing to hold in your hand is a tad scary.

  • Super representatives need people lending them some TRX coins so they can have a good amount of Tron at stake and earn the right to become a validator each round. In return the validators will send us part of the reward they are getting for each block, the reward will be proportional to the amount we stake thus we would receive TRX in return.

  • When it comes to voting there is ZERO risk, the only conn is that your coins will be held for 72 hours and until 72 hours have passed there isnt anything you can do to move/ use them. However after that time perieoid you can unfreeze and do as you wish.

  • Your coins are "frozen" for 72 hours. You cannot send, exchange or use those frozen coins until after the 72 hour period, however you can adjust your votes if desired.

  • Users can earn up to 8.42% (at the time I am writing this) But those are th big name companies usually with hundreds of millions of votes. Such as exchanges. (we currently offer 7.32%)

  • The representatives(top 27) are in charge of making and voting on proposals to the blockchain & its paramters including fees, rewards, and other important parts of the network. The committee is made up of 27 super representatives who are responsible for modifying dynamic parameters such as block rewards and transaction fees on the TRON network. Each SR, super partner and SR candidate is entitled to initiate and vote for proposals. A proposal is adopted as long as it is voted for by at least 18 SRs. The adopted proposal will apply its changes to network parameters in the next maintenance period